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An Innovative and Strategic Crop Insurance Strategy Guaranteed to Protect your Farms Profits

Don’t waste your time with crop insurance agents who don’t know farming, finances, or crop insurance, and how they all fit together.
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How it Works

Insure the Farm has access to the same products that every other agency does, the key difference is that we have the financial knowledge and insurance expertise that allows our team to find the exact strategy to lock in protection and profits for your operation. When you combine financial expertise with crop insurance, you become unbreakable.

1. Produce
Our team helps you produce detailed financials for your entire farm operation.
2. Protect
With your detailed financials we develop an insurance stratretgy that protects your revenue, expenses, and most importanty…your profit margin.
3. Profit
With your insurance strategy in place we proactively meet with you monthly to ensure your strategy is locking in profits for your family.

Is Your Current Agent a Roadblock to Your Family Farms Success?

Your current agent is likely costing you thousands of dollars in profits every year. This is common in farming today, and here’s why:
Using old strategies: Agents are not proactive in developing modern strategies
Providing the same packages: Agents sell you the same thing year after year
Not responsive: Agents are lazy and not responsive when you need them
Lack of Knowledge: Most agents don't understand the financial side of farm operations

That’s Why We’re Here To Help

Too many farmers have agents that are lazy, unresponsive, and sell the same thing year after year. Insure the Farm helps farmers like you organize your finances and find the best product that fits your financial goals. We choose a strategy based off of your numbers and goals, not the commission. This is proactive insurance planning and the way it should be done.
Insure the Farm is a preferred partner with Legacy Farmer. Learn more about knowing your finances with Legacy Farmer here.

Benefits of Insure The Farm

Custom Strategy

Each Family Farm Operation is different, that’s why we develop custom strategies after helping you organize your numbers and developing an insurance strategy based off of facts, not feelings.


We host an exclusive group where you can connect and network with other farmers that are located all of the United States.

1:1 Support

We offer quick and personalized support to you for anything you need. We’re a part of your team.

Learn How to Develop a Profitable Insurance Plan For Your Farm Operation

Our Products

Crop Revenue Protection

Provides protection against production loss, price decline or increase, or a combination of both.

Crop Yield Protection

Provides protection against production loss from natural causes such as drought, excessive moisture, wind, frost, insects and disease.

Actual Production History

Provides protection against production loss for crops not covered by Revenue Protection or Yield Protection plans.

Area Revenue Protection

Provides protection against widespread loss of revenue, yield or a combination of both in a county.

Area Yield Protection

Provides protection against widespread loss of yield in a county

Crop Hail Insurance

Protects against damage due to hail and/or fire. Production Hail and other private policies are available

Margin Protection

Provides coverage against an unexpected decrease in operating margin.

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance

Provides coverage for pasture, rangeland or forage acreage for haying or grazing livestock.

Livestock Insurance

Learn more about the types of livestock insurance we offer

Other Insurance

Learn more about other crop and livestock insurance, including Whole Farm Revenue Protection, Supplemental Coverage, Enhanced Coverage and Annual Forage.

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